B-ok.cc Free eBook Finder for Amazon

A great way to find free eBooks in the format you want them in is to search for them on B-ok.cc. An even easier method is to do so right from Amazon with this free Firefox extension.

The B-ok.cc Free eBook Finder tool lets you search the B-ok.cc website in seconds with just a click of a button. The book you’re viewing on Amazon will immediately run as a search on B-ok.cc so that you can download the book to your computer or phone.

Using this free eBook finder lets you read books from your desktop or in any program or eReader you want, without having to rely on Amazon’s Kindle app or Kindle devices.

This program is 100% free with zero ads, and works in the Firefox browser.

Important: I do not take any responsibility for the books you choose to download from B-ok.cc. Read the notes at the bottom of this page for more detail.

How to Find Free Books on B-ok.cc Through Amazon

  • Click the eBook icon at the top right of Firefox.
  • Find the book from the list on B-ok.cc, and click it.
  • Pick one of the available download formats to download your free eBook.

Important Notes

The purpose of this extension is to locate free and legal books in a format that’s more convenient for you than the one offered on Amazon’s website. Although this extension could be used to locate copyrighted material on B-ok.cc, that’s not its intended use. It’s your responsibility to avoid those downloads.

I do not take any responsibility for the books you choose to download on B-ok.cc. That website is completely separate from this extension and is not in any way affiliated with this extension.

While this extension is 100% free for you to install and use, techy.zone is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Therefore, I might be compensated for purchases that you make on Amazon while this extension is installed. Any compensations are made on behalf of Amazon and do not affect the price of the item you purchase, nor can I see what you purchase or how much you’re spending.

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