7 Best Sweepstakes (August 2020)

There are tons of sweepstakes you can enter for a chance to win some really great prices. Sometimes you can win trips to other countries, supercars, houses, and even plain cash.

Most of these sweepstakes let you enter once per day, but some limit entries to once a week or even just once for the entire duration of the campaign. Pay close attention to those details below so that you’re not wasting your time submitting entries every 10 minutes on a 1 /day sweepstake; they won’t count past the limit.

Online sweepstakes winners illustration

Important: You’ll need to enter your email address into each of these sweepstakes, and often your full name and home address as well. Be sure to use your real information and to hold back deleting spammy looking emails or phone calls around the time of the close of these sweepstakes…it might be one of these companies announcing you as the winner!

Best Sweepstakes for August, 2020

PriceExpirationEntries Allowed
2020 Chevrolet Corvette StingraySept. 15, 20201
2020 Polaris Slingshot SLSept. 30, 20201 /day
2020 Ford 24-month LeaseNov. 29, 20201
2020 Jayco 29XK Redhawk RVDec. 31, 20201
2020 Jeep WranglerDec. 31, 20201
Yamaha Grizzly ATVJan. 10, 20211 /week
$50,000 CashApril 15, 20211 /day
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