Mezu Review: Send Money Anonymously

Mezu is an app for iPhone and Android that lets you send money online anonymously. Paying someone is as easy as entering their randomly generated code into your app. No names, addresses, or other personal details are shared.

You can also use Mezu as a way to collect payments from people around you. If you’re running a fundraiser or event and will have people nearby sending you money, Mezu is a great way to streamline the whole process without anyone having to expose their personal details.

The Mezu app is also one way you can make some money online. When friends sign up from your invitation link and then use their account to make a transaction, you’ll both get $5. Keep reading to learn how you can get $5 for signing up.

Mezu is available for Android from Google Play and for iPhone from the App Store. There are several parts of the app that we’ll go through in detail, but it’s all very easy to understand.

How to Send Money With Mezu

When you open Mezu, there are two buttons at the bottom that are for receiving money and sending money online. Press Pay to get started.

Mezu mobile app

When you pay with Mezu, there are three options: CashCode, MoneyBox, and a contact. Paying with CashCode has you enter the amount you want to send so that it can generate a four-digit number you can share with the recipient. They’ll have two minutes to enter your code before it expires (see below for how to use the code to receive money).

Mezu sending money online screens

If there are any nearby MoneyBoxes available (there’s more on what that is below), you can instead choose one of those to send the money to. The final option lets you choose a contact from your phone to pay, which is perfect if you’re already friends with the recipient.

How to Collect Money With Mezu

Receiving money online with the Mezu app is extremely similar to sending money, only instead of generating a code to share with the person, you’ll enter the code their app generated.

Choose Get paid from the bottom of the app, and then from a CashCode. Enter the four-digit number from the person who’s sending you the money.

Mezu receiving money screens

The other option you have for getting paid online with Mezu is via a contact. You’d pick the contact you want to make the request with.

In a different part of the Mezu app is a way to create what’s called a MoneyBox. A Mezu MoneyBox is a GPS-based area where nearby users can send you money. You set the location yourself, and anyone within range will see it in their app and have the option to send you money.

This is a perfect option for events, donations, and other situations where lots of people need to pay for something. Instead of exchanging personal details and payment information, they can use Mezu to wirelessly and easily send money directly into your Mezu account.

To make your own MoneyBox, tap your profile image at the top left of the app, choose My MoneyBoxes, and then either tap the default box that’s there or make a new one with the Generate a new MoneyBox button. Your box’s radius can be anywhere from 5 to 50 miles.

Mezu MoneyBoxes screens

Using the MezuCard

The MezuCard is an extra feature in this app that lets you use your Mezu money to make online purchases with a real debit card number. Once you activate your card, which just takes a few seconds, you’ll be given the full card number complete with the expiration code and CVC number that you need to buy things online.

Mezu virtual debit card

If you ever need to, you can freeze your card to prevent purchases or even remove your card completely.

How to Get $5 Free From Mezu

Mezu has a Redeem a Code section of the app that you can use to get $5 just for signing up and using your account. If you want to share Mezu with your friends, you can make $5 each time they sign up and use their account, too.

Mezu free money page
  1. Download the app if you haven’t already.
  2. Tap your profile icon at the top left of the app.
  3. Choose Redeem a Code and enter JONA445. To get your $5, just use the Mezu app like you normally would (e.g., send someone money you owe them).
  4. Select the “invite friends” section to see your personal referral code that you can share with friends. Every friend who signs up and uses their account to transact $5 or more will net you and them $5.

Tip: The Privacy virtual card service is another way you can make $5 by referring friends to the app.

Other Details on Mezu

Here are some more features and things to remember:

  • If you verify your identity with a photo ID, you can transact as much as $4,000 per week.
  • You can automatically withdraw money to your bank or auto-load money into your account.
  • Payment options can be a bank account or debit card.
  • Your virtual debit card works anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including Google Pay and Apple Pay.
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