EZTV Review

EZTV is a free torrent website that specializes in offering TV series downloads. Since EZTV is a torrent site, it works by having you download torrent files and then download the TV episodes through a torrent client.

This torrent website is one of the easier ones to use to find TV episodes online because it categorizes everything in a very easy-to-read manner. However, you’ll have to put up with lots of ads on nearly every click, because EZTV likes to push ads at almost every turn.

With that being said, though, EZTV is absolutely free and does work; you just have to remember to close each ad before you can view the page you were after.

How to Find Torrents at EZTV

EZTV home page

The easiest way to find a specific TV show through EZTV is to use the search bar at the top of the page. Right next to the search bar is a drop-down menu for a similar search option.

EZTV show list page

The Show List page is another area of EZTV that lets you find torrents for your favorite shows. You can select a letter to show only the TV torrents whose title starts with that letter, or filter the TV shows by air date or overall rating.

EZTV Show Calendar List page

EZTV’s TV Show Calendar List is another method for finding free TV shows on this torrent site. Scroll down the list to see which shows air during which days of the week.

When you find a TV show you want more information on, just select it to reach the info page. Scroll down that page to see all the episodes you can download.

EZTV Catfish TV show torrent download links

There are magnet links and torrent file downloads for each torrent. The method you use should depend on how your torrent client accepts torrent files. Most clients let you download torrents using a magnet link, but some only support .torrent files.

EZTV’s Alternate Domains

EZTV isn’t always online. If you can’t access the torrent site through the URL you have been using, try one of the following:

To check the current domain that these URLs redirect to, go to EZTVStatus.com. If none of the above pages load, try the official EZTV mirror at https://eztv.tf/.

How to Get EZTV Torrent Updates

There are multiple ways to get updated when EZTV releases new TV episode torrents. The primary method is to visit the home page; by default, the torrents are listed by recently added.

Another method for getting EZTV updates is through the RSS feed here: https://eztv.io/ezrss.xml. Just plug that URL into an RSS reader and you’ll get immediate updates each time a new torrent is added to the EZTV website.

You can also use that RSS feed URL to auto-download EZTV torrents (if your torrent client supports RSS feeds).

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