Avast Software

Avast is a company that sells software for home and business use. Most people hear of Avast when looking for an antivirus program because they offer an extremely popular free version called Avast Free Antivirus.

However, Avast has lots of other software, too, that you may or may not know about. For example, beyond the security software for home users is privacy software and programs made specifically to enhance the performance of your computer.

Avast Software List

In addition to the free antivirus program from Avast is a variety of paid applications for Windows:

Avast Antivirus Software

Ultimate, Premier, and Internet Security are the company’s primary security-related applications that are used to help prevent malware from infecting your computer files.

They run all the time to always be on the watch for threats like viruses and ransomware, and will catch and remove them as needed. They also have some neat features like a built-in firewall, the ability to scan your Wi-Fi network for vulnerabilities, an option to help you safely shop online by avoiding fake websites, block apps from accessing your webcam, and more.

Avast Ultimate (the priciest of the bunch) even includes other programs from Avast like a VPN, password manager, and PC cleaner.

Other Avast Programs

Avast’s other programs for Windows include:

  • AntiTrack, a privacy program for masking your online identity from advertisers.
  • Cleanup Premium for clearing away junk files and improving system performance.
  • Driver Updater to install new device drivers and update existing ones.
  • Passwords for keeping all your passwords and other sensitive identifiable information in one place, locked behind a single, secure password.
  • Secure Browser, which is a regular web browser but with added privacy and security features.
  • SecureLine VPN for connecting your computer to the internet through an encrypted, secure tunnel so that nobody can see what you’re doing.

Avast also has software for Macs. Security for Mac is an antivirus program for your Mac computer that lets you remain safe from malicious websites and ransomware that could land on your computer. It also includes an email shield and a Wi-Fi security scanner and intrusion alert system.

SecureLine VPN, Passwords, and Cleanup Pro are similar to the Windows versions mentioned above.

Mobile apps from Avast include Mobile Security for Android and iOS, SecureLine VPN for Android and iOS, Passwords for Android and iOS, and Cleanup for Android.

The last home product Avast sells is called Smart Home Security, the company’s solution to protecting all your connected devices so that you can know what’s using your network and get alerts when an attack on your devices is taking place. It’s also said to help minimize data leaking, device hijacking, and other threats.

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