BeenVerified 2023 Review

Searching for people online can be tough if you’re not sure where to even begin. BeenVerified makes locating all sorts of people information extremely easy.

You can use BeenVerified to find people by their name, phone number, home address, email address, or social media account. If it’s publicly available, there’s a chance BeenVerified can tell you all about it. Search by any of those criteria and you’ll be given everything the site has on the person, which is quite a lot, as you’ll see below.

BeenVerified works from their website and the mobile app.

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What BeenVerified Can Find

Before buying a people finder tool like BeenVerified, you need to know exactly what it finds on the person you’re researching. The tough part in answering that is that it can’t find everything on everyone. But what you can know is what it could find.

In other words, you should know before you buy BeenVerified what it is that the site can find. What its limits are. When you’re on someone’s page on BeenVerified, you’re given a report summary and then several subcategories you can browse through for all the details.

BeenVerified sample report summary

Here are those categories:

  • Contact Info: Current and past landline numbers, cell phone numbers, and email address, including the dates those addresses were last “seen” online.
  • Address History: Current and past home addresses associated with the person. If it’s an apartment, it often includes the apartment number, too.
  • Relatives: List of known relatives, including each person’s age, residence details, and other names they may be known as.
  • Names & Ancestry: Name origin details provided by Behind the Name, such as the fact that Kristy is the short form of Christina, or that Sarah means “lady, princess, noblewoman.”
  • Associates: Work colleagues or other people this person might be associated with.
  • Neighbors: Other people identified by BeenVerified that live near the person you’re researching.
  • Criminal & Traffic: A report of criminal and traffic records from thousands of jurisdictions that have digitized records. See if the person has ever had DWIs, speeding tickets, expired plate issues, etc. These are complete with court case numbers and specific disposition details such as “NO ALCO REL OFF NEXT 3 YEARS FINE AMOUNT SUSPENDED: 200.00.”
  • Bankruptcies: See if someone has filed for bankruptcy. Details show the filing and discharge dates, chapter number, case number, debtor identities, appointed trustees, and attorneys that were involved.
  • Jobs & Education: Job positions the person has held and schools they’ve attended.
  • Social Media: Photos, social media profiles, blogs, and other websites associated with the person.
  • Assets: Estimated values of vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, and property that have been linked to this person.
  • Free Bonus Data: BeenVerified shows “bonus data” that includes licenses and permits the person has held, such as hunting and fishing licenses and their issue dates.

BeenVerified also lets you select any of the items above to learn more about it. For example, if you choose a home address, you can see property details such as past owners, bedroom/bathroom count, and more. Select a relative and you can see their phone numbers, criminal activity, etc.

A different part of the BeenVerified website is for finding vehicle information. The VIN Lookup tool describes the vehicle’s ownership cost, market value, specs, and more. This is a useful tool if you’re needing to confirm that someone specific owns a car before you buy it, or to see if there are any recalls on your vehicle.

More BeenVerified Features

You can do quite a lot with BeenVerified. Here are some other features:

  • You can monitor 10 profiles to get updates when they update with different information. This is a great way to keep tabs on someone, like to know if they update their phone number or create a new social media account. You can even use it on yourself to stay current on whether your personal details go public.
  • A PDF report can be created (for a small additional fee) to save the BeenVerified data offline or share it with others. See below for a sample PDF report from BeenVerified.
  • The name search requires only a last name, but it can include a middle initial and age along with the first name and city/state. This makes it much easier to narrow down the results to find the person you’re looking for.
  • A social media search scours over 50 websites for the username or handle, including Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Imgur, and Badoo.
  • Your Dashboard page includes all the recent reports you’ve created to easily jump right back into them to see the results again.
  • Get a list of registered sex offenders within a 5-mile radius of any address, like your home or work. If you’re getting ready to move or are scoping out new places to visit, run a neighborhood watch search on BeenVerified to potentially see names, addresses, photos, and other details on nearby sex offenders.
  • Use BeenVerified’s Unclaimed Money search tool to search for a name and state to see if there is any money they’re eligible to claim. Apparently, tens of billions of dollars are unclaimed across the US.
  • There’s a BeenVerified mobile app you can use to search for people online from your phone.

BeenVerified Sample Report

To see what a BeenVerified background check looks like, download this sample PDF. This is the general format and information provided when you export someone’s report to a PDF.

Searching For Yourself On BeenVerified

It might seem weird to search for yourself on a people finder site. Why make a report on you when you already know everything? There are several reasons…

The first and most obvious reason is to see what public information is out there on you. What do other BeenVerified people know about you? Run a search on yourself to see everything the site knows about you. If you find stuff you don’t want people to see, you can opt out of BeenVerified’s people search to remove those details.

BeenVerified includes a data breach scan that only works on your email address, specifically the one you used when you signed up. You can use it to know if your email address is found in a data breach, like those you hear about in the news where millions of passwords are stolen and hackers release the data online for everyone to see. If that happens, BeenVerified can tell you so that you know whether you need to change your passwords.

Is BeenVerified Free?

You can absolutely start a people search with BeenVerified without paying for anything. You’ll be asked the person’s name and what kind of data you want to dig up on them. It will run a lengthy search to gather all the public data in on place.

BeenVerified free people search progress

After the search, you’ll be told to make a BeenVerified user account. A report on the person will be created and you’ll be told to wait a bit longer to finalize things.

However, BeenVerified isn’t free (aside from the occasional trial offer), so at this point, you’ll need to choose a payment option:

  • The 1-month BeenVerified membership is about $27 /month.
  • The 3-month membership costs about $18 /month (you pay around $52 up front).

You can pay with a credit/debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, or Amazon Pay.

Should You Use BeenVerified?

If you’ve ever tried finding someone online, looking up a phone number, searching for an old friend, etc., you know how frustrating it can be. You spend hours looking through websites you’ve never heard of to find details that could very well be outdated or outright wrong.

BeenVerified shows dates of when the information was last found, so you can be confident that the address or phone number you find isn’t a decade old. It also keeps old information, though, which is helpful if you need to run a search on a detail that is old but is all you know about the person. For example, you can use the reverse phone number search to find someone based on an old phone number, and then see what their new number is, where they live, and all the other details mentioned above.

If you’re still not sure about whether you want to use this people finder site, there’s usually a really cheap trial you can take part in. I’ve seen it as low as $1 for a week of unlimited access.

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