6 Best Free P2P File Transfer Tools

P2P file transfer tools are, in some ways, considered more secure than other forms of file sharing. Without a central server to hold on to the files, there’s less of a chance someone behind the scenes will see what you’re sending and receiving.

The tradeoff, of course, is that you have to upload all of the files yourself, each time you want to share something—not so great if you have little upload bandwidth. But regardless, P2P tools are useful when needing to share files within a local network, or between your phone and computer, or a friend’s computer and yours.

Sharedrop p2p file sharing site

List of the Best Free P2P File Sharing Sites

Most of these sites work in a similar fashion: share a room link or file URL with anyone, and they’ll be able to download the file directly from your device. No program download or user account required.

  • ShareDrop: Open that link on more than one local devices and they’ll be added to the room automatically, or share the public URL with people outside the network. Select anyone to send a file to them.
  • FilePizza: Choose a file to share and get a special link to send to anybody.
  • cend.me: Select files to send and get a password-protected page to share.
  • xkcd949.com: Pick any file from your device to get a single-use, direct download link.
  • Snapdrop: For local networks only, share messages and files by simply opening the site.
  • Blaze: Share your room link and pick a username, and any file you send to the room is available to the other recipients.
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