7 Best Snack Subscription Boxes for Under $15

If you love snacks like the rest of the world, you’d love a snack subscription box. There are tons to choose from, and each are different.

The subscription boxes below represent a handful of the services that are out there, but these are also relatively cheap (around $15 and under), so they should fit any budget.

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Universal Yums

  • Monthly snacks from different countries
  • Easy to cancel
  • Three box options

Trying food from around the world is difficult unless you’re a hardcore traveller. Universal Yums makes exercising your palate a bit easier — subscribe for a monthly box of several food items, each from a new country.

Indonesia Past Boxes
A box from Indonesia

You get to choose from three sizes depending on how many snacks you want in each box. The prices here are for if you prepay for a year, otherwise it’ll cost a little more per box. They all ship on a monthly basis.

  • Yum Box: 6 snacks for $13.75 /box
  • Yum Yum Box: 12 snacks for $22.92 /box
  • Super Yum Box: 20 snacks for $35.75 /box

Try Universal Yums (you’ll get $5 off)


  • Try food from around the world
  • Two simply choices to pick from
  • You choose the first country

SnackCrate is much like Universal Yums, so if you’ve already tried that service and are looking for even more food options from other countries, you might like this one. You can even choose your first country before you make your order.

One unique component about this snack delivery subscription service is that if you order an original or premium SnackCrate, you might get an Adventure Ticket in your box. If so, you’ll be flown to that month’s country.

There are two snack box options depending on how much food you want and what you want to spend. Both ship once every month.

  • Starter Box: 5-6 snacks (half a pound) for $14
    • This one is sometimes discounted to as little as $1
  • Full-Size: 10-12 snacks (one pound) for $24.70

Try SnackCrate


  • Snack boxes tailored to your preferences
  • Get your box as often as every week
  • Every box is the same price

Graze is a unique snack subscription box because instead of just sending random food to you that you might not like, they send you one box that you provide feedback on. From then, your snacks are a bit more personalized to what you like.

You can not only order a box of snack foods that will be delivered monthly but also shop specific treats right there on their site, in categories like flapjacks, sweet, nuts & seeds, vegan, variety packs, and savory.

There are three box types you can get from Graze, and each can be delivered once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. Each box is also the same price, regardless of how often you have it received.

  • 8 Snack Variety Box: $14.99 /box; random picks from their snack collection
  • Calorie Count Box: $14.99 /box; every snack is under 100 calories
  • Protein Box: $14.99 /box; tasty ways to get more protein

Try Graze (you’ll get your first, fifth, and tenth boxes free)

Jerky Snob

  • One of the few beef jerky delivery services
  • Three bag size options
  • Curated flavors

Jerky Snob delivers beef jerky. That’s it. You won’t get candy or gummies or anything strange. If you love jerky, this might be all you need, and they even have different flavors to surprise you each month.

You have three jerky options, all of which ship monthly and any of which can be ordered in four ways (month to month, three months, six months, or 12 months). However, you won’t get a discount for prepaying for more than one month. You can order the beef jerky as a gift to get it once and prevent it from auto-renewing.

  • 2 Bags: Two bags for $15 /box
  • 1/2 Pound: Four bags for $27 /box
  • 1 Pound: Eight bags for $54 /box

Try Jerky Snob

Kernel Crate

  • Gluten-free and peanut-free popcorn box subscription
  • Three new flavors in every box
  • Vote to help them pick new flavors

Popcorn delivered to your door is perfect if you’re an avid movie watcher. Or, maybe you’re just obsessed with popcorn. Either way, you’ll get one sweet, one savory, and one surprise flavor in each and every box.

Every Kernel Crate box has nine total cups of popcorn, so each flavor consists of three cups.

There are four payment options. Prepaying for six months or a year drops the price per box by 33%. You can also order more than one at once (i.e., if you order three, you’ll get 27 total cups of popcorn.

  • Month to Month: $14.99; can come every month, every other month, or every three months
  • Three Month Prepay: $38.97 ($12.99 /box)
  • Six Month Prepay: $54.94 ($9.99 /box)
  • One Year Prepay: $119.88 ($9.99 /box)

Try Kernel Crate

Case of the Mondays

  • Variety of junk-free snacks in each box
  • Pricing is easy to understand
  • Free shipping, always

If you’ve ever had the “case of the Mondays,” and the only thing you want to reach for is junk food, this snack delivery company says they have you covered. Each box contains a mixture of healthy snacks to curb your Monday blues.

There are three ways to order, and they all cost the same per box:

  • Weekly: $13.99 for one box each week
  • Bi-weekly: $13.99 for one box every two weeks
  • Monthly: $13.99 for one box every month

Try Case of the Mondays (you’ll get 50% off your first order)


  • Fun snacks from around the world
  • Enough for the entire family, or just you
  • $5 off your first order

If you glossed over Case of the Mondays because you do want sweets in your box, you might like MunchPak. You can bet almost every box will have something sugary in it, as well as spicy, sour, gummy, and other kinds of snacks.

There are three snack sizes you can order, and each one can be paid in four ways. The more you pay up front, the less each box costs.

  • 5+ Snacks: $13.95 per delivery; as low as $9.95 for yearly prepayments
  • 10+ Snacks: $23.95 per delivery; as low as $19.95 for yearly prepayments
  • 20+ Snacks: $43.95 per delivery; as low as $39.95 for yearly prepayments

Try MunchPak (you’ll get $5 off your first order)

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