Driver Talent Review

Driver Talent is a driver updater, which means that it will scan for missing and outdated drivers and provide an easy way to get the latest versions. The program itself is super easy to use even if you don’t know anything about drivers.

A device driver is necessary for your hardware to work on your computer. If a device you’re trying to use isn’t functioning properly, it might need a driver update, which Driver Talent can provide.

Driver Talent Pro home screen

There are two versions of Driver Talent. One is completely free, but it’s missing a few features that you can only get with Driver Talent Pro. We’ll go over all their differences below, as well as all the features included with Driver Talent.

Driver Talent Quick Facts

  • Requires less than 500 MB of disk space
  • Installs in less than 15 seconds
  • Works with Windows 11 down through Windows XP

Driver Talent Details

The free version of Driver Talent is 100% functional, but if you opt for the pro edition, you’ll get some really great features.

Here are some things to know about Driver Talent:


  • Download and update drivers with one click.
  • Have a system restore point created automatically before every installation so that you can undo the install if it causes issues.
  • Download drivers at full speed.
  • Reinstall existing drivers to fix glitches or other problems.
  • Download drivers for other computers.
  • Drivers have been verified to work on your computer.
  • Lets you provide feedback from inside the software.


  • Free users can download updates through the software but must install them manually.
  • Only pro users can download drivers at full speed.
  • There isn’t a schedule setting to check for updates every day, week, etc.

Driver Talent Pro Free Demo

See how Driver Talent Pro works with this free online demo. Click the yellow boxes to see those screens.

How to Use Driver Talent

Driver Talent is extremely easy to use. Just hit the Scan button on the main screen to start the check for missing, corrupt, and outdated drivers. Immediately, you’ll see a list of outdated drivers separated from all your already up-to-date drivers.

Driver Talent Status screen

As you can see, the driver that needs fixed is identified next to its version number and release date, and the size of the file. Some driver updates are really small, such as the motherboard driver in the screenshot above that’s just 100 kilobytes; others, usually display drivers, can be several hundred megabytes and take much longer to download and install.

Use the Update button next to any driver to download it. If you’re a pro user, you can use Install All to download and update all the drivers automatically.

Driver Talent update success message

Use the Rescue Center tab to access driver backups. Pro users can back up any and all the drivers. There’s a restore section so that you can revert to a previous driver should a new one not install properly. Uninstall Drivers lets you remove a driver from your computer, which is normally something you have to use Device Manager for.

Driver Talent Pro backup drivers

Peripheral Drivers lets you find drivers for printers (even wireless ones) and other USB devices. This is how you fix “unknown input device” errors and install drivers for malfunctioning devices like your mouse, card reader, keyboard, audio device, and other peripherals.

Driver Talent Pro peripheral drivers page

Pre-download Drivers is a fantastic feature of Driver Talent Pro that does just what it sounds like. It lets you download drivers for your computer or another one, so that all the drivers are available offline. This is perfect for new operating system installs since they don’t come with all the drivers that are necessary.

Driver Talent pre-download drivers page

In the Tools menu of Driver Talent are two options: Hardware Detection and Audio Repair.

Driver Talent Tools screen

The Hardware Detection tool shows all the necessary hardware details from your computer that you need to know, including the CPU clock speed, cache size and core count, total RAM, disk drive size, when Windows was installed, how long your computer has been booted, and more. You can export all these details to a text file for backup or to give to your computer support technician.

Hardware Detection can also explain if your computer is capable of running virtual reality applications based on your operating system, CPU, memory, disk size, motherboard, and display adapter. Should any of those components not be compatible with VR, Driver Talent explains which ones so that you know what to upgrade to make your computer VR-ready.

Audio Repair fixes sound issues. Run this tool to have Driver Talent work its magic on any playback device, such as your headphones or speakers.

Driver Talent Audio Repair

Some driver updaters are really basic and don’t provide customizations. Driver Talent, fortunately, has lots of settings that you can adjust:

  • Launch Driver Talent when Windows starts so that it’s always ready to update drivers.
  • Scan automatically when the program opens so that you get driver updates even faster.
  • Change the Driver Talent language.
  • Pick which folder on your computer should hold downloaded drivers and where driver backups should go. Using an external hard drive is ideal for backups in case your primary drive goes out.
  • Automatically back up drivers before they’re installed and/or uninstalled.
  • Make a system restore point automatically before each driver install.
  • Limit the download speed to save bandwidth for other things on your network.
  • Run downloads through a proxy.

Should You Download Driver Talent?

Updated drivers are an important part of a working computer, and Driver Talent is the perfect program for it. Even the free version lets you download drivers for any of your devices, though the pro edition takes it a step further through automatic installs, which is perfect for novice users.

Overall, if you need driver updates, grab the free version. If you’re unfamiliar with how to install drivers manually but you need to install several drivers, get Driver Talent Pro so that the program can do all of it for you. It really is amazing how quickly you can get drivers with the professional version.

From the initial install of the program to the installation of all your drivers, it won’t take long at all to get all the drivers your computer needs to support all your favorite hardware.

Download Driver Talent

Tip: There are other driver updaters if you want to give another one a try before you use Driver Talent. Driver Booster is one example.

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