Free BTC in 2023: How to Get $111+ Now

Free bitcoin is 100% possible, it’s just not as lucrative as it was years ago when its price was in the pennies. While there’s absolutely no longer “BTC faucets” where you could grab dozens of whole coins by just clicking a few buttons, the way it works these days is through cash back deals, interest-bearing accounts, and signup bonuses.

Countless crypto exchanges and other financial apps that support bitcoin, will lure you in by offering free BTC. This is not a scam. You really will earn bitcoin just for using these services. But, you usually have to do something specific to make it happen—everything you need to know is detailed below.

Follow the rules detailed in each of these sections, and you’ll get over $111 in free bitcoin. Usually, you just have to prove that you’re interested in the app/service by actually using your account, and then they’ll deposit the bitcoin in your wallet!

free BTC with bitcoin logo

Celsius: $50 Free BTC

Celsius Network gives out free bitcoin in two ways: when you sign up or when you let your BTC sit in your account for at least a week.

Use the 1633836f30 referral code when you sign up, or click this to go to the signup page with that code preset. You’ll get $50 in BTC deposited into your account as long as you transfer $400 or more and keep it in your account for at least 30 days. So, if this is your first time using a crypto wallet, deposit $400 from your bank, or, if you have bitcoin elsewhere, send some to your Celsius account.

The other way they give free crypto is through interest payments. The best part? It’s paid out every single week, so you don’t have to wait a month like most services. Just keep a balance in your bitcoin wallet, and you’ll earn a certain percentage back to the same wallet every seven days.

Voyager: $25 Free BTC

Voyager is a crypto exchange app. Sign up through this link, or by using the JON44F code, and you’ll get $25 of free bitcoin.

You’ll get the BTC put into your account after you deposit $100 and use it to buy crypto. If you’re already planning to use Voyager to buy and sell crypto, you may as well take advantage of this bonus for free bitcoin.

This app also lets you earn interest. Open the rewards area of the app to see the current interest rates.

Strike: $11 Free BTC

Strike is one of the cleanest looking bitcoin apps. It lets you send and receive money instantly, with no added fees. You can even use it to convert your paycheck to bitcoin.

To get $11 in free bitcoin, use 42KFHC when signing up, or click this link to get started. You’ll get the money after verifying your account.

Strike is working on a debit card with rewards, so you’ll eventually earn even more if you stick to this app.

Coinbase: $10 Free BTC

Like Celsius, sign up for a new account with Coinbase using this special link, and you’ll get $10 in BTC after you trade $100 or more in crypto.

Coinbase is an extremely popular method for buying, selling, and holding crypto. Several other crypto assets are supported, so you’ll have free range to invest in plenty of other cryptocurrencies along with bitcoin.

Cash App: $5 Free USD

Cash App gives out $5 free to every new user who signs up with this code: BJNRWCF. To get bitcoin, just use the B tab at the bottom of the app to buy $5 worth of BTC with the cash they send you.

This signup bonus works only if you send at least $5 to someone with the first two weeks after signing up. Maybe you have a friend you owe money to, or you and someone else can work together by sending each other $5. You’ll both get rewarded!

Cash App is an awesome free money sending app, but it also supports stocks, so you can invest right there in the app. There’s even a debit card that goes with your account, and a built-in routing number so you can use it like a normal bank account.

PayPal: $10 Free BTC

Did you know PayPal lets you buy, sell, and hold crypto? Even if you already have a PayPal account, you can get this free bitcoin by basically tapping the BTC button!

Open the crypto area in the app, or the Finances tab on your computer, and follow a few steps to instantly see your free $5 of free sats. For a bigger prize, buy your first crypto on PayPal through this link for $10 in BTC.

Fold App: 5,000 Sats Free + Rewards

The Fold app provides a few methods for obtaining free bitcoin. The first is to simply sign up with this referral link to instantly get 5,000 free sats. A sat is a fraction of 1 BTC, so the value will change depending on the current price.

Fold also has a bitcoin rewards debit card where you can earn free BTC just for using your debit card.

Finally, the third way to get free BTC here is pretty fun and requires no purchase at all: spin the wheel daily. There’s a wheel in the app you can spin once each day for a chance to win free sats, up to 1 million sats (yes, you can win a whole bitcoin without spending a penny).

Fold App daily BTC spin to win wheel

Other Ways to Get Free Bitcoin

We’re working on including additional resources here to maximize your BTC freebies. Check back soon for a list of bitcoin cashback reward services and even more signup bonus details!

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