Free vs Pro

Most paid software have a free version you can use with limited features. They’re often great for most people, but maybe you actually want those additional functions that you can’t find in the free edition.

On this site is a collection of reviews over paid software with details on how they differ from their free counterparts. You get a full look at what’s different between a paid program and its lesser, free version.

Many software and service product pages show what you get with the premium or pro version versus the freeware kind, but you’re always convinced that you need to pay to get the best.

That might not be true.

Most paid programs bundle into one several features that sound great but aren’t realistically necessary. You can usually avoid those features or get a free alternative.

Within each of these reviews are suggestions regarding whether you do or don’t really need that feature. Is it actually worth paying for? You’ll find out, and you’ll often be given freeware alternatives, too.

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