IObit Software Updater Pro Review (25% Off)

IObit Software Updater Pro is the professional version of IObit’s free software updater tool. It’s used to check for and update outdated programs in just one click.

Updating computer software is super important for more than just new features. Developers release program updates to patch vulnerabilities, stabilize the program, provide support for new operating systems, and more.

This software updater is super easy to use. IObit Software Updater Pro has a menu of settings and a main list of your programs, but other than that there are really just a few other buttons you need to worry about. IObit Software Updater makes is really easy to keep your computer programs updated because it even includes an “auto update” option.

IObit Software Updater Pro list of installed programs

IObit Software Updater Pro Features

This program updater has tons of features:

  • Update all outdated programs in bulk in one click, or update specific programs from the list without updating the others
  • Ignore programs to no longer see that they need updates (you can undo the ignore from the settings)
  • See the program’s current version and the version of the update
  • Notify you of updates to your programs or have them all updated automatically according to your choosing (i.e., you pick which ones auto-update) and according to the schedule you pick (every day or specific days of the week)
  • Have IObit Software Updater Pro check for program updates every time Windows starts up
  • Automatically create system restore points before installing programs
  • Automatically delete downloaded installer/setup files after each program installation
  • Change the folder where downloaded programs are saved
  • Specify a proxy server that should be used to download updates
  • You can be notified of updates to the IObit Software Updater Pro application itself or have any available updates applied automatically
  • Easily install other programs like web browsers, security tools, messaging programs, multimedia utilities, and remote work apps

How to Use IObit Software Updater Pro

The refresh/circular button on the left of the program is the start page. This is where you see all the programs IObit Software Updater Pro can update and which ones need an update right now.

The Update Now button updates all the outdated programs. Or, you can use the Update button next to any application to update just that one program.

IObit Software Updater Pro list of outdated programs

The small menu next to the program has three options:

  • Update is the same as the other update button right next to the menu.
  • Auto Update is clickable if IObit Software Updater Pro supports auto-updating that software program. When you enable this, it will update automatically based on the update schedule you’ve set in the program’s settings (see below).
  • Ignore is self-explanatory: skip this update so that you’re no longer notified that an update is needed.

This is what the update settings look like in IObit Software Updater Pro:

IObit Software Updater Pro update settings

As you can see, this is how you change the update settings for the program itself and for the software it locates on your computer. You can have IObit Software Updater Pro notify you of updates to your programs or update them for you. To enable automatic program updates, just enable Update the programs in Auto Update List at, and then pick a date and time. It’s that easy!

When IObit Software Updater Pro updates your programs, you’ll see three screens:

The Program Will Download

The first is this one, indicating that the update is downloading. As you can see, you can enable the reboot option to restart your computer when it’s finished, or click the arrow next to it change it so that your computer shuts down when the update is complete.

IObit Software Updater Pro downloading a program update

A Restore Point Will Be Created

If you keep the default settings in IObit Software Updater Pro (I suggest you do), a restore point will be made before each program installation. Just like you see here, a restore point is being created before this program update starts. Should something bad happen during the installation, you can restore your computer back to the state it was in before the update was applied.

IObit Software Updater Pro making a restore point

The Program Will Install Automatically

Finally, IObit Software Updater Pro will run through the installer for you, putting the new, fully updated program onto your computer without you having to click anything.

IObit Software Updater Pro installing

Should You Buy IObit Software Updater Pro?

If it’s in your budget, I say absolutely. IObit Software Updater Pro is definitely worth the purchase, especially if you often forget to update your programs or if you have lots of software on your computer.

The automatic and one-click software updating is what you’re paying for here. The extra settings like the update schedule, system restore point creations, and software recommendations are just bonus features.

Buy IObit Software Updater Pro (1 year / 3 PCs)

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