Online Storage for Large Files

If you need to upload large files to the internet, whether to store there or share the files with others, most free cloud storage services simply don’t cut it.

What you need instead is an online storage website that lets you upload big files. Some might let you store lots of data but they limit how big each individual file you upload can be. For example, the service might let you buy a 1 TB plan to hold all kinds of data, but each file upload must not exceed 2 GB.

In those cases, you need a website that lets you upload big files, like HD movies, massive collections of music, full video games, or whatever else you’ve got.

Tip: See all the notes about this table at the bottom of this page. There are some important things to understand before using some of these file storage sites, such as the fact that an unlimited upload limit might apply only to the service’s paid plans.

List of Cloud Storage Services for Big Files

ServiceFile Upload LimitReview
MEGAUnlimitedMEGA Review
pCloudUnlimitedComing Soon
DropboxUnlimited*Coming Soon
FlipDriveUnlimited*Coming Soon
SyncUnlimitedComing Soon
JumpshareUnlimited*Coming Soon
Google Drive5 TB*Coming Soon
Yandex.Disk50 GB*Coming Soon
Amazon Drive 48.82 GB*Coming Soon
Egnyte25 GB*Coming Soon
MediaFire20 GBComing Soon
Box5 GB*Coming Soon

Dropbox: There’s an upload limit of 50 GB for files uploaded through the website. The unlimited upload option is available only for mobile and desktop uploads. API uploads are limited to 350 GB.

FlipDrive: Pro and Business plans have no file upload restrictions, but the Personal plan is limited to 1 GB uploads, and Basic caps out at 25 MB per file.

Jumpshare: Unlimited file upload sizes apply to the Business plan only. Plus is limited to 20 GB files and Basic has a 250 MB file upload limit.

Google Drive: Users who don’t have a plan that has 5 TB of free space are limited by the storage that’s available. For example, a free user who has 10 GB free can upload a file that’s 10 GB large. Learn more here.

Yandex.Disk: The 50 GB limit applies to the Yandex.Disk desktop program and WebDAV client. Browser uploads can’t exceed 10 GB.

Amazon Drive: The 48.82 GB Amazon Drive upload limit pertains to the desktop program, whereas browser uploads can’t exceed 2 GB per file.

Egnyte: The 25 GB file upload limit applies to Enterprise users. Office and Business plans are limited to 10 GB per file.

Box: The 5 GB limit is for Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise plans. Starter is limited to 2 GB file uploads, and the free version imposes a 250 MB file upload limit.

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