PhoneClean Pro 2020 Review

PhoneClean Pro is an iPhone cleaner that runs on your computer. In other words, instead of being an app that you start from your phone, you plug your phone into your computer and use it to clean up your iPhone (or iPad).

This iOS cleaner program scans for unnecessary files that you don’t need anymore, as well as files that could pose a security risk. The program is really easy to use despite the several cleaning functions it has; just select a couple buttons and you can quickly get more space on your phone/tablet and improve its overall performance.

If you plan to clean your phone a lot, you can even set up Silent Clean, which will clean up your phone each time the program identifies your device on your Wi-Fi network. This is a very handy, auto-cleaning feature that you can set up when you purchase PhoneClean Pro.

PhoneClean main page

PhoneClean Pro Quick Clean

The first step is to plug your device into the computer. PhoneClean Pro will automatically detect your device and open a page with different scan options. Choose the Quick Clean button at the top left to have PhoneClean Pro erase user caches, photo caches, and large and old files.

PhoneClean Pro quick cleaning

You can chooseReview Details to see what, specifically, the program will clean. In fact, you can not only see this information but even keep some of it from being removed.

If you have reason to, deselect whatever you want PhoneClean Pro to keep, and the rest (what’s checked) will get removed when you selectClean.

PhoneClean Pro crash log

How to Delete Internet Traces With PhoneClean Pro

Beyond the areas mentioned above, PhoneClean Pro can also clean up Safari junk, browsing history, and webmail caches. This includes cookies, web caches, logs, and more. You can do this by selecting the third button from the left at the top of the program; it’s called Internet Clean.

PhoneClean Pro Safe Cleanup page

How to Delete Private Data With PhoneClean Pro

Over time, your phone most likely stores private information, which is normal. However, if you want a quick way to delete all of it, like file attachments sensitive data, you can use the Privacy Clean button in PhoneClean Pro.

PhoneClean Pro private data cleaner

How to Use PhoneClean Pro’s System Clean Option

System Clean is another option at the very top of PhoneClean Pro. Select it to open this screen, where you can make your phone run more smoothly by optimizing the files, cleaning common junk files, and removing leftover app data that your phone doesn’t delete automatically after removing apps:

PhoneClean Pro System Clean page

The Active Apps section lets you shut down running apps, which you can normally do easily by swiping the apps off the screen. However, if you have lots and lots of apps open right now, this is a really easy way to shut down all of them.

In App Leftovers is a list of files that were never cleaned from your phone apps when they were removed. Some of these files could be very large, and when you consider that you  might have lots of these, you can see just how easy it’d be for them to take up too much space.

PhoneClean Pro app leftovers

When you delete app leftovers on your phone, you can not only make apps perform better but also regain lots of storage space.

Other PhoneClean Pro Features

If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a lot you can do with this program. Another feature is called Erase Clean, which lets you delete messages, photos, contacts, call history, browsing history, and even files that have already been deleted from your phone (this will make sure they’re really gone and that they can’t be recovered by file recovery programs).

Also available is the ToolBox which has a list of other tools you can use to do selective cleaning, like to merge duplicate iPhone contacts, clean up old notes you haven’t used in a long time, remove out-of-date calendar events, clear out corrupted iTunes sync media files, uninstall big apps, repair media files, and delete videos and photos you no longer want.

PhoneClean Pro is also capable of restoring your phone from a backup, which it actually does itself before cleaning your phone. So, if you run into problems, access the last button at the top of the program, called Restore, to restore a backup.

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