Seedr Review: A Free Online Torrent Client

Seedr is a free online torrent client, so it works from within your web browser. While the free version is great for many people, you can pay if you want extra features like more storage space.

Seedr torrent progress

Using Seedr to get torrents really couldn’t be easier. We’ll go over how to do it below, but the idea is very straightforward: paste the torrent link and wait for it to load into your account.

Seedr is an awesome online torrent client because it lets you stream media files. So if you get a movie torrent, you can play it right there in your browser without ever downloading anything. It even works with Chromecast.

Keep reading my Seedr review to see how to use it and what your payment options are if you want the premium features.

How to Use Seedr

  • Visit Seedr and make an account. Remember, everyone can get a free account that comes with 2 GB of space; you don’t have to provide your payment information.
  • Paste the torrent link in to space provided at the top, or use the upload button next to it to select a torrent file from your computer.
Seedr paste torrent
  • Press Enter to start.
Seedr collecting seeds
  • When the torrent finishes loading into your Seedr account, you’ll see a folder of the files. Open it.
Seedr Ubuntu torrent folder
  • Double-click or right-click the file to download it, or play it in your browser if it’s a media file.
Seedr download options

Seedr Prices

Beyond the free version of Seedr are these paid options:

Price$6.95 /month$9.95 /month$19.95 /month
Storage30 GB100 GB1 TB
Seeding Ratio1:1 or 12 hours2:1 or 24 hours5:1 or 5 days
Simultaneous Links2525
Private Tracker SupportNoYesYes

You can pay for Seedr with PayPal, Bitcoin, or a credit card.

Tips for Using Seedr

Seedr is an excellent free online torrent client, and it’s clearly even better if you pay for one of the premium tiers. However, no matter which plan you’re using, remember these things:

  • The torrent you load into your Seedr account can’t be larger than the space you’re paying for. If it’s a 3 GB of torrent file, you can’t use it with the free 2GB account.
  • Seedr doesn’t have an all-time storage cap, meaning that even if you have a 2 GB account, you can keep using it over and over by just deleting the torrent when you’re finished with it. For example, if you load a 500 MB file, download it, and then delete it to recover that space and open it back up for more torrents. If you have a 2 GB file in your account, save it to your computer and then delete from Seedr to use your 2 GB again.
  • Right-click a torrent in your Seedr account to find the download link. You can share that with anyone so that they can download files directly from your account without ever needing their own Seedr profile.
  • There are a few ways to get more space for your Seedr account without paying for it. One is to use the friend referral program to get up to 4 GB of space. You can also write a review of Seedr on Twitter or your blog, or post their logo on Pinterest.
  • Paid users can select a different streaming server to attempt a faster connection. However, the speed at which you download files to your computer is dependant on your own network’s speed, not what you’re paying Seedr. In other words, if you don’t pay for a high-speed internet connection, you won’t get high-speed torrent downloads.

Seedr Alternatives

There are several ways to download torrents online. All online torrent clients have different features, but the idea is the same, which is that you don’t have to download a program to get torrents because all of it works through your web browser.

Some websites like Seedr include ZBIGZ, Offcloud,, Webtor,, and

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