Best Simple Alternatives

If you’ve been an avid user of the Simple banking website and app, you might be wondering where to go following the announcement of its demise. Fortunately, there’s no short supply of banking apps, and most of them are pretty similar.

Below is a list of my picks for the best Simple alternatives. Full reviews coming soon!

Banking Apps to Replace Simple

One banking logo


No fees or minimums. Round up your debit card purchases and earn 3% APR. Includes a credit line to cover your account if you get too low. Create “pockets” for easier management of the things you want to save for.

Right now, they’re even offering free money to anyone to transfers funds from Simple before the end of January.

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Cash App

You might already have this app since it’s used for sending money online, but did you know it’s also a bank? You get a real routing and account number that can be used for direct deposits, and a debit card to spend directly from your Cash App account.

This app also supports buying stocks and bitcoin, and offers cash back rewards. You’ll get $5 if you sign up with the link above.


Get a spending account and a savings account. Like most online banks, this one has no monthly fees, you can get up to $100 instantly with Varo Advance, and sending money to other Varo users is free and easy. You’ll receive a contactless Visa card when you sign up.


If you’re worried about overdrafts, Chime will spot you up to $100 on debit card purchases. You can also get your direct deposits two days early, all without a minimum balance or a monthly fee. You have full control over your Visa card, so you can block it at any time. The card works at thousands of ATMs

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