10 Best Website Down Checkers

How do you know when a website goes down? Is the site down for just you or everyone else, too? The easiest method is to use a web-based tool that tells you if the site is up on their end.

A site that checks if another website is down (often called a down detector or down site checker) is the easiest way to know if the problem is with your computer or phone or if the issue is with the website. For example, if the down site checker says that the website is up and running just fine, but it’s not working for you, then it’s probably a network issue that you need to fix yourself.

Below is a list of website status checkers that can answer this question for you: “Is the site down for everyone or just me?

How to Know If a Website Is Down

There are several ways to check if a site is down for just you or everyone. One is to use social media. For example, you can check Twitter to see if YouTube is down, by searching a hashtag such as #youtubedown, like this.

However, an even easier way is to use a down site checker. Open any of the sites listed below, and put the URL of the site you think is down into the text box. They’ll tell you if they can reach the site, and if they can’t, then the site is most likely down for everyone and not just you.

Some websites and services have their own down detection tools, such as these:

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