8 Sites That Show Your IP Address

You public IP address is the address given to you by your ISP. It’s the public address that websites you visit will see each time you land on any of their web pages.

Finding your IP address with one of these sites can be useful for a number of reasons. Maybe you need your IP address for a program you’re using. If you’re using a VPN service, finding your public IP address before and after you connect can confirm that it’s really changing your IP address.

Listed below are several websites for finding your public/external IP address. You only need one to find the address, but several are listed here because they’re each a little different.

DynDNS IP finder website


This is the most basic IP address finder website in this list. It just shows your address, plain and simple.

IP Chicken IP finder website

IP Chicken

IP Chicken takes finding your IP address a little further by also providing the browser it thinks you’re using.

W69b IP finder website


You can find your IP address with this site, too, as well as the country where your IP is coming from.

WhatIsMyIP.com IP finder website


See your IP address, a location approximation, and the ISP your IP address is from.

CheckMyIP.com IP finder website


This IP address finder is similar to the other ones in this list but it gets a bit more specific, showing not only your IP address but also your city, zip code, and time zone.

MyPublicIP.com IP finder website


Use this IP address finder if one of the other ones above aren’t working. It’s fairly basic but also includes some more info on IP addresses in general.

WhatIsMyIPAddress.com IP finder website


Find a neat map on this IP finder website that pinpoints where your IP address is coming from. It’ll show the IPv6 address if one is present.

Bluehost IP finder website


Here’s another simple website for finding your IP address. It lists the address and the browser you’re accessing the site from.

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