US Mobile Review: $10 Discount

US Mobile is a mobile virtual mobile network operator in the US. That means it uses a different company, two in this case—Verizon and T-Mobile—to offer its services. Any and all users of US Mobile are actually using one of those other company’s cell towers.

Why Use US Mobile?

So what’s the point of US Mobile? Why not just subscribe to Verizon or T-Mobile?

There are actually lots of virtual operators like this that use a bigger company’s network to server its customers. However, you get a completely different customer support when you contact them, and you use US Mobile’s mobile app and website to make payments, monitor your account, etc.

These virtual operators are also often times cheaper and offer unique features.

US Mobile Discount ($10 Off)

Before we dig into the service itself, here’s the $10 discount if that’s what you’re here for: US Mobile Discount.

Also, don’t forget to enter FREESIM at checkout to get a free Starter Kit. This is what you need to actually activate the service. You’ll get a SIM and a small pamphlet that explains how to get started.

Website Review

US Mobile is accessible through their website and the mobile app. The app runs on Android and iOS (both iPhone and iPad).

Right off the bat, you’ll notice how modern US Mobile’s website is. Very easy to understand. Super minimal. Hard to get confused.

As you can see, all of your phones lines are listed right up front. Clicking one takes you to its info page where you can view basic details like the phone number, network that it’s running on (like Super LTE), your device type, and how long you’ve been a member.

This is also where you can review your plan, a main selling point of US Mobile. You can change your plan on a month-to-month basis, so you’re never locked in to the numbers, minutes, or call time that you originally purchased; it’s also changeable.

Also here are your stats. See exactly how many days are left in your service before it renews and how much talk, text, and data you have left.

One neat thing you get with US Mobile is the ability to Top Up over text. This lets you text a certain number to get more of whatever it is you need. For example, texting Top up text 100 or Top up data 100mb would adjust your plan for that month to accommodate more texting or data capacity.

The analytics page is also really handy. It shows weekly and monthly stats regarding your phone usage. See a daily average and weekly total of text, talk, and data. This provides a super easy way to see your whole plan’s stats at once.

Finally, the settings of your account is how you change your payment method, edit your profile to make changes to things like your name and password, and view your order history.

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