Webtor Review: Download or Stream Movie Torrents in Your Browser

Webtor is by far one of the best ways to get torrents online without a client program, and it’s the best site to use for streaming movie torrents without having to download them. It accepts torrent files, magnet URLs, and hash information.

Important: Use a VPN to help keep your online activity private while using torrents.

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These are some of my favorite features:

  • Link sharing directly to the movie
  • Captions even if you don’t have the subtitle file
  • Three ways to add the torrent
  • No user account required

How to Stream Movie Torrents at Webtor

Open Webtor through the link above, and fill out the text box with whatever source you have for the torrent. Select Open to browse for a .TORRENT file on your computer, or paste the magnet link or infohash into the box.

webtor text box

The movie will immediately start loading (if there are people to download it from). Select the play button to start the stream even if the whole movie isn’t fully loaded yet. That’s what’s so great about Webtor; you don’t have to wait for the full file to be done downloading to your computer in order to start the stream.

webtor streaming movie torrent

How to Get Movie Subtitles on Webtor

Notice the CC button from the video player options at the bottom-right of the stream. This is how you control closed-captioning. Yes, this site even lets you use subtitles for movies!

webtor subtitle settings

The Attached tab has you select a subtitle file from the torrent, if one is available. But even if not, you can upload your own or select OpenSubtitles to browse for an appropriate subtitle file on that website.

Can You Download Torrent Files From Webtor?

There’s a download button next to all the files available in the torrent, so you can also treat this website as a regular online torrent client, and download files to your computer.

As the image above shows, there’s an SRT subtitle file, a text document, and (of screen) a download link to the MP4 we’re streaming.

What I Think About Webtor

The only bad thing I have to say about this site is the ads. There are lots of ads. Not so many as you’re playing a movie, but before you start, and all over the top and bottom, are banner and pop-up ads.

Something I recommend people do each time they stream a movie torrent here is to press play, exit the small pop-up ad that inevitably shows up in the video player, and then you’re good to go!

The subtitle option, the direct link sharing, and the primary function of being able to stream movie torrents without downloading anything, makes this an absolute favorite of mine.

Note that the site advertises a donation scheme where you can get “more download speed”, priority support, no ads, and even a custom logo on the main screen of the site, if you subscribe to one of their Patreon tiers.

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