Wise Registry Cleaner Pro Review

Wise Registry Cleaner Pro is a program suite with three functions. It can clean the Windows Registry, tune up your computer, and defrag the registry.

The Wise Registry Cleaner Pro program interface is very simple and easy to use, so it’s not at all complicated for anyone to learn. There are some extra settings you can tweak if you like, and we’ll go over those below, but you can also use this program right after you download it without making any customizations.

Below is my full review of Wise Registry Cleaner Pro. Learn all about what the program can do and where it falls short.

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Wise Registry Cleaner Pro registry cleaner results

Wise Registry Cleaner Pro Features

Here’s a quick look at Wise Registry Cleaner Pro’s features, all of which we’ll cover in more detail below:

  • Run a fast, deep, or custom registry scan.
  • Schedule a registry scan to run whenever is convenient for you, like when your computer is idle.
  • Choose what to delete from the registry scan, including invalid software paths and file extensions, obsolete Start menu items, history of files you’ve accessed, missing MUI cache references, and more.
  • Defrag the registry in an attempt to make your computer run more smoothly.
  • Optimize your computer by automatically applying any of several tuneup options, including reducing app idleness to speed up the Windows shutdown process, improving system stability by disabling registry modifications from remote computers, and speeding up the network by optimizing DNS parsing speed, among several other things.
  • Wise Registry Cleaner Pro automatically backs up the registry before deleting anything.
  • You can have a restore point be created before each defrag run.
  • Clean the registry in one click with a handy 1-click icon on your desktop.

Registry Cleaner

The Registry Cleaner screen is the first one you’ll see when you open Wise Registry Cleaner Pro. It’s here that you access its three registry cleaning functions: Fast Scan, Deep Scan, and Custom Area.

Wise Registry Cleaner Pro registry cleaner

The Wise Registry Cleaner Pro Fast Scan feature finds only the “safe entries” that you can delete. If you’re cleaning your registry because you’re trying to speed up your computer, choose this option. it starts scanning automatically after you select that button.

Deep Clean is the Wise Registry Cleaner Pro option that scans every single area of the registry for issues. This takes a little longer to run (but it’s still pretty fast) and will, inevitably, find more issues. You might run a Deep Clean on the registry if you’re having major issues with registry-related error messages.

The Custom Area registry scan lets you choose which areas Wise Registry Cleaner Pro should scan. You can pick just one area, some of them, or all of them. Some areas include: ActiveX/COM Components, Application Paths, Help files, Fonts, Shared DLLs, Uninstaller, Startup Programs, IE URL History, Empty Keys, MUI Cache, Invalid Context Menu Items, and Windows Services.

With all scan types, Wise Registry Cleaner Pro shows the full results, complete with each key of the registry it’s identifying as obsolete, missing, etc. You can uncheck anything you don’t want it to clean, or keep it all selected to clean everything.

System Tuneup

Wise Registry Cleaner Pro cleans more than just the Windows Registry. Over two dozen items can be optimized to make your computer start up and shut down faster, make the network run faster, improve general performance, and more.

Wise Registry Cleaner Pro system tuneup

This part of Wise Registry Cleaner Pro is pretty simple to understand. Just go through the list and pick out the items you want to optimize by placing a check in the box next to them. When you’re ready, choose Optimize.

It usually takes just a second or two to optimize your computer with Wise Registry Cleaner Pro. In fact, it’s so quick that you’d think hitting that button didn’t really do anything. But if you pay attention to the “Unoptimized” text next to the entries, they each change to “Optimized” after running this tool.

Take note of the Select All button at the bottom of the System Tuneup screen. That’s a super easy way to optimize all the areas you can.

Registry Defrag

A defrag of the registry is the third part of Wise Registry Cleaner Pro. Doing this consolidates broken up parts of the registry, which in turn makes accessing the registry quicker for the programs your use and the Windows operating system. If a defrag is necessary, running this tool can speed up your computer.

Wise Registry Cleaner Pro defrag

Hit the Analyse button and your computer will freeze for a few seconds while the program determines if a registry defrag is necessary. The results page shows the reduction percentage that will occur if you run the registry defrag.

For example, I’m told here that running a registry defrag with Wise Registry Cleaner Pro will reduce the size by just 0.58%, which is pretty negligible. In this instance, I won’t run the tool since it won’t help that much.

It’s unlikely that you’ll need to run a registry defrag often. Running it once after the first deep registry clean is wise, but that’s probably all you’ll need it for.

My Thoughts on Wise Registry Cleaner Pro

Wise Registry Cleaner Pro is one of the easier registry cleaner programs to use. There are several of these kinds of programs out there, many free and some that come at a cost. While the registry cleaning function of Wise Registry Cleaner Pro isn’t unique in any way to other programs that offer this for free, like CCleaner, there are some things to like about this software.

The auto-clean feature is one thing you won’t get with most free registry cleaners. Through the settings, you can enable Clean with 1-click to put an icon on your desktop that you can open at any time to quickly and automatically clean the registry with Wise Registry Cleaner Pro. This is really handy and will probably remind you often that you have the program on your computer, which will make you clean more often. That’s probably not a bad idea.

Similar to the one-click function, and accessible at the bottom of the program, is a scheduler tool you can enable to run the Fast Scan registry cleaner as often as you’d like, like when your computer is idle, every day at a specific time, etc.

The registry defrag included in Wise Registry Cleaner Pro isn’t something you typically see bundled with a registry cleaner, so that’s nice. It works quickly and doesn’t always recommend that you run it, so it seems to genuinely scan and provide accurate results.

System Tuneup is a big feature in Wise Registry Cleaner Pro. If you’re not sold on the registry cleaning functions, since you can get those elsewhere for free, you might really like the optimization tool. You’re not really told what Wise Registry Cleaner Pro is doing when it optimizes things but it’s really fast and provides several options.

Some other things you can do with Wise Registry Cleaner Pro that I didn’t mention above can be found in the menu at the top right. It’s there that you can make a portable version of this entire program that can run from any folder, such as one on a flash drive. This means you can take Wise Registry Cleaner Pro anywhere you want and clean any computer.

Wise Registry Cleaner Pro comes with a handful of skins you can apply to change the overall look of the program. They don’t provide any functionality but are fun to play with and can quickly customize how the windows look.

Also within the settings is an option called Backup and another called Restore Center. This is where you can manually create a registry backup or system restore point. If something unexpected happens that you think was caused by using Wise Registry Cleaner Pro, open Restore Center to restore a backup.

Dozens of languages are supported, so almost everyone can use Wise Registry Cleaner Pro to make their computer faster and more reliable.

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