1337x Review: Find Torrent Files

1337x is a torrent website that has popular categories like movies, television, games, music, and more.

When you search for a torrent here, you can filter the results by category to see only those kinds of torrents, and you can also sort the results when they were uploaded, the number of seeders, and more.

1337x.to torrent site home page

Below is a full look at the 1337x torrent site, including all the official mirrors, how to find torrents, and how to stay safe when downloading torrents.

How to Find Torrents on 1337x

Aside from the obvious search bar on 1337x, you can browse for torrents in a bunch of ways. From the home page are links to all the categories of torrents you can pick from: Anime, Applications, Documentaries, Games, Movies, Music, Other, Television, and XXX.

If you’re not after anything specific but instead just want to browse some of the best torrent files, here’s a nice list to get you started:

Trending torrents on 1337x
Trending 1337x Torrents

How to Download Torrents From 1337x

Once you find a torrent you want to download from 1337x, select it to reach the final download page. On that page are two options: Magnet Download and Torrent Download. The download you choose should depend on the method you’re using to download torrents.

1337x magnet and torrent download links

I highly recommend using a web-based torrent client to download torrents. You can check out the best ones in this list of online torrent clients. Some of those tools can use torrent downloads and others can use magnet links; just select the download on 1337x that fits with your torrent client’s capabilities.

If you’re going after a movie torrent, Webtor is a great way to stream the video directly from your browser; no download necessary!

Before you get a torrent from this site, double-check the Total size value. In the example above, we see that the total size of the torrent is under 800 MB. So, we need to make sure the torrent client can download files that large. Some of them have no data cap, but be sure to check.

1337x Alternative Domains

If 1337x.to isn’t working, try one of these 1337x mirror sites:

Websites Like 1337x

There are dozens if not hundreds of torrent sites that you can use to find movies, programs, books, audio files, and lots more. If 1337x doesn’t have what you’re looking for or you don’t like how the site works, there are lots of free alternatives.

See this list of torrent sites for some websites that work like 1337x.

How to Download Torrents Safely

1337x is a trusted site used by lots of people every day, but that doesn’t mean that every single download you can get from there is safe. Torrents are a common way to spread malware and other files that can wreck your computer and steal your information.

Learn more about what to do before downloading torrents for all the details.

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