Avast Internet Security vs Premier

Note: Both of these products are now a part of Avast Premium Security. A review of that is coming soon.

Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier are two antivirus programs from Avast. Both have more features than Avast Free Antivirus but aren’t as featured-filled as Avast Ultimate.

If you can’t decide between Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier, it’s important to learn exactly how these two pieces of software are different. Should you get Internet Security for $10 USD less or go with the more expensive antivirus program?

This is an important question because while $10 might not seem like a lot, there are actually several features missing in Internet Security if you go with this cheaper option.

Differences at a Glance

There are three differences between Premier and Internet Security. Premier includes these features while Internet Security does not:

  • Stop webcam spying
  • Permanently shred sensitive files
  • Automatically update apps

Webcam Shield

Avast Premier Webcam Shield

The Webcam Shield in Avast Premier blocks programs from accessing your webcam unless you explicitly give them permission. This might be something you’re interested in if you keep your webcam plugged in all the time.

Data Shredder

Avast Premier Data Shredder

Keeping your data away from peeping Toms is important, and it’s equally important to make sure that the files you’ve already deleted are really deleted. If not, someone can use a file recovery program to uncover those files, read your emails, see bank information, etc.

The Data Shredder feature in Avast Premier lets you choose files to permanently erase, and it does so by overwriting the files with lots of random data. If someone manages to uncover the already-deleted data from your hard drive, you don’t have to worry that they’ll find anything usable.

Using a data shredder tool is important for an overall secure computer. If your system gets hacked or your laptop stolen, for example, the important files you’ve deleted through Data Shredder will be unrecoverable.

A file shredder like the one included in Avast Premier is also useful for when you want to sell your computer. Just dump all the files you’re deleting into Data Shredder to have them permanently deleted.

Automatic Software Updater

Avast Premier Software Updater

The program updater in Avast Premier is super helpful. Most of us have really outdated programs on our computers; maybe we can’t bother to update them when we see that they need updates, or maybe we don’t even know that they’re outdated.

This tool scans the programs on your computer and automatically updates them. Not all programs are supported, but Avast explains that “popular” ones are, so you can expect your web browser and probably a few other programs, to be updated automatically and continuously as new software releases are published from the respective developers.

Automatic Software Updater is not included Avast Internet Security, so your computer programs won’t update automatically if you use that version of Avast.

Buying Avast

Both Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier can be purchased for one computer up to 10 computers. You can also buy Avast for up to three years upfront to reduce the overall cost.

These versions of Avast also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free trial option so that you can try all the features before choosing which one to buy.

Avast Internet Security Price

1 Year2 Years3 Years
1 PC$59.99$109.99$159.99
3 PCs$79.99$149.99$219.99
5 PCs$104.99$199.99$294.99
10 PCs$179.99$339.99$499.99

Avast Premier Price

1 Year2 Years3 Years
1 PC$69.99$139.99$209.99
3 PCs$99.99$189.99$279.99
5 PCs$134.99$254.99$374.99
10 PCs$219.99$419.99$619.99

If you can’t tell from this table, it’s actually cheaper to pay for Avast for three years at once versus going with the one-year option. For example, you could buy Avast Premier for three computers at $99.99 /year or go with the three-year plan to bring the price-per-year down to $93.33.

You’ll also save on Avast if you pay for more than one computer at once. You’d do this if you’re buying for all the computers in your house or if you’re purchasing Avast for friends, too.

For example, Avast Premier is $69.99 /year for one computer, which is equivalent to $5.83 /month for just that one PC. If you were to go with the 10 PC option at $219.99 /year, that comes to $18.33 /month for all 10, which is the same as $1.83 /month /PC.

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