What Was the Mezu App?

  • Was used to send money anonymously from your phone.
  • It could collect money from nearby users.
  • The app worked on iOS and Android.

What Was Mezu?

Mezu was an app for iPhone and Android that changed the way you can send money online. The company shut down on August 11, 2020.

It was completely anonymously; instead of sharing names, email addresses, and other personal details, paying someone was as easy as entering their randomly generated code into your app.

You could also use it as a way to collect payments from people around you. If you were running a fundraiser or event and would have people nearby sending you money, Mezu was a great way to streamline the whole process without anyone having to expose their personal details.

The app was also one way you can make some money online. When friends signed up from your invitation link and then used their account to make a transaction, you’d both get $5.

Mezu was available for Android from Google Play and for iPhone from the App Store.

How the App Worked

When you opened Mezu, there were two buttons at the bottom that were for receiving money and sending money online. Pressing Pay would get you started.

Mezu mobile app

When you payed with Mezu, there were three options: CashCode, MoneyBox, and a contact. Paying with CashCode had you enter the amount you want to send so that it could generate a four-digit number you could share with the recipient. They’d have two minutes to enter your code before it expired.

Mezu sending money online screens

If there were any nearby MoneyBoxes available (there’s more on what that is below), you could instead choose one of those to send the money to. The final option let you choose a contact from your phone to pay, which was perfect if you were already friends with the recipient.

How to Collect Money

Receiving money online with the Mezu app was extremely similar to sending money, only instead of generating a code to share with the person, you’d enter the code their app generated.

Choosing Get paid from the bottom of the app, and then from a CashCode, had you enter the four-digit number from the person who was sending you the money.

Mezu receiving money screens

The other option you had for getting paid online with Mezu is via a contact. You’d pick the contact you want to make the request with.

In a different part of the app was a way to create what’s called a MoneyBox, which was a GPS-based area where nearby users could send you money. You’d set the location yourself, and anyone within range would see it in their app and have the option to send you money.

This was a perfect option for events, donations, and other situations where lots of people need to pay for something. Instead of exchanging personal details and payment information, they could use Mezu to wirelessly and easily send money directly into your account.

Mezu MoneyBoxes screens

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