Zbigz Review: A Free Online Torrent Client

Zbigz is a popular online torrent client, meaning that it’s a website that lets you download torrents without needing an actual torrent program on your computer. You can use it from any computer with internet access, and use it to download any torrent file.

It’s easy: paste the torrent file or magnet link that you found from your favorite torrent website, and then let Zbigz fetch it for you and store it in your account.

It’s really as simple as that, but let’s get into all the details to see how this service works and what all the payment options are if you don’t want the free version.

How to Use Zbigz to Get Torrents Online

There are a couple ways to get torrents into your Zbigz account. The first method is what you’ll probably after, which is by using a torrent you found elsewhere:

  • Find a torrent that you want to download online with Zbigz.
  • Right-click the torrent file and choose to copy the link. If there’s a magnet link option, copy that.
  • Open Zbigz and paste the torrent/magnet link into the box at the top of the page.
  • Press GO!. Immediately, it will look for the torrent and begin loading it into your account.

The other way to use torrents online with Zbigz is to utilize this website’s Search tool off to the left. This is a great option if you don’t have the torrent file yet. Instead of using a torrent site, you can fetch the torrent right here with Zbigz.

As you can see from this image, you can search for any torrent, whether it’s a video, program, image, document, etc. Pay close attention to the file size and the number of peers, because the size can’t be too large (depending on the plan you’re paying for; see below for more info on plans), and if the peer count is too low then you might troubles finishing the download.

Hit Add when you find the torrent you want, and it will begin loading into your account.

Is Zbigz Free?

Yes! There is a free option. It’s limited compared to Zbigz Premium but there’s absolutely a way to use Zbigz for free.

To use get Zbigz free, create a new account and follow the directions from above to add a torrent. Here’s a look at how the free version of Zbigz differs from Zbigz Premium:

Price$0$99.90 /year
Max File Size1 GBUnlimited
File StorageMight be limitedUnlimited
Concurrent Files in Storage2Unlimited
File Lifetime7 daysUnlimited
Download Speed150 KbpsUnlimited

Zbigz Premium comes with several features not available in the free plan, like unlimited downloads, unlimited speeds, no ads, full caching speeds, files are cached even if you leave the website, and you can transfer files from Zbigz to Google Drive.

If you ever decide that you want the Zbigz Premium features, open the Payment tab from the left panel of your account and pick one of the payment options.

Depending on how much you want to pay for at once, you can get Zbigz pretty cheap:

  • 1 Year: $99.90 (27 cents /day)
  • 6 Months: $49.90 (27 cents /day)
  • 3 Months: $25.90 (29 cents /day)
  • 1 Month: $9.90 (33 cents /day)
  • 5 Days: $5.99 ($1.20 /day)

Zbigz lets you pay for Premium with PayPal, a credit card, Bitcoin, and several other methods.

Zbigz Alternatives

Zbigz definitely isn’t the only online torrent downloader you can use. There are lots of similar sites, like Webtor, FileStream.me, Instant.io, and Put.io.

See this list of other online torrent downloaders for more options.

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