Meet Skip Review (Chat Site)

Meet Skip is a free, anonymous chat site. Unlike some chat rooms, you don’t need to make a user account, so you can jump right in and start talking with strangers in just a few moments.

This chat website advertises itself as a “random chat room,” which is super accurate. You’re met with a simple chat page where random people show up. You can chat with the person or leave at any time to start a new chat with a different stranger.

If you like to talk about random things with random people, either to just pass time or find new friends, Meet Skip is a great option. However, if you’re looking for a way to make a profile others can see, or you want to video chat with strangers, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Meet Skip chat site

Meet Skip Features

The Meet Skip chat site is incredibly simple, so it has its purpose as a random, anonymous chat site, but you won’t find much in the way of features.

  • Connects you with random strangers automatically. Searching by gender, location, etc., is unnecessary.
  • There are several “smiles” you can send in the chat, like a normal smile, a wiggle, and other animated smiles.
  • You can send one image at a time to the other person.
  • See when the other person is typing.
  • Your gender and name can be given if you want, otherwise they’ll remain anonymous.
  • Keeps a running tally of how many users are online at any given time.
  • The chat history is kept even when you end the chat, so you can scroll up to see past messages even when you’re done chatting. The history will be removed when you start a new chat.

However, there are some cons to be aware of that might have you choosing a different chat site:

  • Only one image can be sent at once, so it’s not great for sharing loads of photos.
  • You can’t share videos.
  • The supported emojis are really limited.
  • Group chats aren’t an option. Every random chat thread is with just one person.
  • There’s no way to add friends to an account that you can use to contact them later.
  • Lacks filtering options, so you can’t, for example, pick to chat with only women over 20 who are from the US.

Other Chat Sites

See my list of other anonymous chat sites for some Meet Skip alternatives. Some examples include AlloTalk and

Or, if you’d rather chat with adults only, there are adult-only chat sites, such as Chat Avenue.

Teen chat rooms exist as well, which are great if you’re a teenager who wants to keep the chats age-appropriate.

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